Eternal September

by discarded telepathy

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released May 1, 2012




discarded telepathy San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio native, Discarded Telepathy, has been making electronic music for over 10 years. About three years ago he was visited by aliens. They said an album should be made.

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Track Name: Come Away With Me
Walk straight
Stay the course
Don't question me
This is a turning point
This is not a drill
Go ahead and test my faithfullness
One look in your eyes and I lose my nerve
I anticipate your words

Come away with me

It could always be that way
Remember how the night moved
If you leave her behind
You can do what you have to
Temptation is just a word
Temptation in her eyes

I'm just imagining
Cut teeth depend on tommorrow
Nothing left to hint at today
You and I the talk of this town for a little while
Oh, come away

Left in a wake
The place I call home
The things I have owned or at least I borrowed
20 years plotting along with a goal I no longer see
Track Name: Red Light, Green Light
Don't say another word to me.
You can see it on my face.
I've got nothing but time.
When it comes to you I'm so weak.
I can't stand on my own feet.
I can't walk away.
Stop taking over thoughts again.
I can't focus when you do.
You know I've got my own life.
When it comes to you I'm a child.
I lose sense of what is real.
There's no harmony here.

And if it's come to this again,
I know you hate to say "I told you so".
And I hate to hear it.
But it is what it is and what it's always been,
And so we'll have to deal with it.

Start moving now.
Don't stand still.
Before it changes our minds,
Or changes mine.
These second thoughts can kill.
When it comes to bad intentions,
It's better not to question.
Let your body do the talking.
I'm listening with mine.

Oh, hallelu.
This is the proof I needed, not a secret chord.
Your beauty overthrows me when I'm most vulnerable.
And this is all I ever learned of love.

We should stop, but your eyes say no.
Oh reign it in before it goes any further.
I don't know who's in control,
But it sure isn't me.
My mind's in slow motion.

Don't keep me waiting,
Just do what you're going to do.
There's a certain something in the air.
I can't remember if I was touching you the moment before..
Oh, hallelu.

Red light. Green light.
Red light. Green light.
Don't keep me waiting.